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Looking for Terrazzo Refinisher in Nassau County, NY? Statewide Stone Care delivers state of the art Terrazzo Refinisher in Nassau County, NY for homes and commercial Terrazzo Refinisher.

Terrazzo flooring is result of a combination of cement-like binder and chips of marble, quartz, granite or glass. Terrazzo is cured and polished to a smooth surface to produce a uniformly smooth texture. The process is often used for decorative walkways, floors, patios and panels.

Terrazzo is extremely durable due to its density, making it a perfect choice for high traffic areas such as kitchens and hallways. This density also prevents the floor from harboring bacteria, which makes it a perfect hypoallergenic solution to any space. Its ease of maintenance makes terrazzo a popular choice, often only requiring sweeping.

The composition of terrazzo brings a design flexibility that other stone flooring options simply cannot achieve. The color range is unlimited, and it can be designed to fit any d├ęcor. In terms of the environment, there are no other options like terrazzo, which utilizes recycled components.

Because terrazzo is non-porous, only minimal cleaning is required. It will never need to be replaced under normal conditions. There are no grout joints in terrazzo flooring which gives it a smoother and cleaner finish. Over time, terrazzo's glossy finish may become dull. This is why contacting a stone care professional is important in maintaining the aesthetics of terrazzo.

We have satisfied many clients with natural Terrazzo Refinisher in Nassau County, NY and the surrounding areas.

State Wide Stone Care uses the latest equipment and up to date Terrazzo Refinisher techniques to deliver beautiful results and get your home or business to look shiny and new.

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