5 Benefits of Restoring and Repairing Your Stone Floors, Walls, and Counters

5 Benefits of Restoring and Repairing Your Stone Floors, Walls, and Counters

Let’s face it: Time is not kind to our buildings. Between human wear-and-tear and the effects of Mother Nature, the natural stone floors, walls, and counters in your home or business become worn down and damaged. When this happens, you might believe the only solution is to replace them entirely. However, this is usually unnecessary and can be quite costly. In most cases, having these surfaces repaired and/or restored can be much more beneficial and practical than investing in a full replacement–and you can even make them look like new in the process. Let’s explore five advantages to restoring and repairing natural stone surfaces versus full-on replacement.

Save Money

Restoration and repair are almost always more affordable than replacement. Under normal circumstances, the cost of restoring natural stone is about 50-70 percent less than replacement. In recent months with the rising cost of construction materials, you’re likely saving even more with restoration and repairs than if you replaced the surface.

Save Time and Disruption

Restoring or repairing your floors, walls, or counters is usually a much quicker process than replacement. Additionally, because restoration and repair usually don’t require any demolition, there’s much less smoke, dust, and debris created during the process. In short, natural stone restoration takes less time and causes less disruption to your daily routine than a full replacement.

Preserve the Environment

While natural stone is a natural resource, installing new stone is not necessarily an eco-friendly process. It requires a lot of fuel to mine the stone, cut it, shape it, and transport it to your home. When you choose restoration and repair over replacement, you’re extending the life of your existing stone surfaces and doing your part to protect the environment.

Keep the Original Character of Your Home or Business

When you opt for a full replacement of your stone surfaces, you might end up with a completely different look than what you started with. However, when you have your stone restored, the character and integrity of the original installation is preserved. This can be especially important in historic homes and businesses where matching the existing stone is crucial to preserving the overall look and feel of the property.

Increase Your Property Value

In addition to all of the practical advantages of restoring versus replacing your stone surfaces, there’s also a financial benefit. By making the decision to restore rather than replace, you could see an increase in your property value. That’s because restored natural stone is often seen as a premium material that adds both beauty and value to a home or business–especially in historic structures.

When it comes to your damaged stone floors, walls, and counters, don’t automatically assume that replacement is your only option. In most cases, restoration and repair can provide you with the same results at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention, it’s often a quicker process with less disruption. The experts at Statewide Stone (s stonework company) Care have been providing reliable stone restoration services across the Tri-State area for more than a decade. Contact us today for a free evaluation and quote.