Terrazzo Floor Care & Maintenance

Terrazzo Floor Care & Maintenance’s tips by Statewide Stone care

Terrazzo is a composite material of marble chips and concrete or resin that is combined to create smooth, luxurious flooring or countertop material that captures the beauty of marble in a more affordable way.

Even though  terrazzo floors  are not marble, they are actually cleaned the same way.

Basic Terrazzo Care

The floor must be regularly swept, dust mopped, or vacuumed. Further, all spills should be cleaned as quickly as possible so they do not have a chance to penetrate or stain the floor.
To mop terrazzo floor, is good to use a neutral floor cleaner, and change the mop head and cleaning solution frequently. Research shows that when traditional mops are used, both the cleaning solution and the mop become soiled and contaminated.
When cleaning terrazzo floor, it is important to use a cleaner that is designed for the floor itself. This is because all-purpose cleaners and acids can damage your floor.

Basic Terrazzo Clean

To keep the Terrazzo floor looking fantastic, follow this Statewide’s Cleaning Tips:
Establish a regular cleaning schedule to avoid long-term buildup of dust, dirt, and debris on your floor. Regular cleaning will help you avoid overuse stains.

If using a commercial cleaning product, even one specially formulated for terrazzo floors, test it in an inconspicuous area first to check for discoloration.

Never use an oil-based cleaner or stain remover. Oil products can permanently discolor terrazzo flooring.

Hard Terrazzo Cleaning

When there is a tough stain, people usually use harsh scrubbing pads like steel wool or scouring pads to remove them. As we mentioned previously, terrazzo floors are delicate in nature, and they will become much worse if you use any hard or rigid scrubbing materials.

Terrazzo Professional Clean

Hiring a Professional

If you aren’t experienced with cleaning different flooring types and if the terrazzo floor has lost its shine or has stains you cannot remove with simple cleaning, it may be wise to hire a floor restoration specialist.

Hiring professional floor cleaners is a safe way to ensure the floor looks its best again, and for that, please fell free to Contact-us anytime you need!